The She Recovers Empowered Key

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A Collaboration with The Giving Keys – Paying forward the gift of empowered recovery.

Embrace your Gold-Toned Empowered Key for as long as you need to and then pay it forward (gift the key) to a person you feel needs the message more than you. Or order two or more keys right now and empower another woman right away!

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Dawn, you can have whatever title you like.

Empowered Keys ship from the U.S. for U.S. orders, Canada for Canadian and all other orders. Please allow up to two weeks for fulfillment and delivery in U.S. and Canada, three weeks for overseas orders.

An empowered woman is someone who chooses self love and self care – first.
“She embraces her strengths, accepts her flaws and always tries to speak her truth. An empowered woman decides for herself what her pathway to wellness will look like, and then she follows it fiercely. She chooses relationships that further empower and support her to achieve her life’s purpose and potential. An empowered woman empowers other women to live their best lives, too.”

~ Dawn Nickel, Founder She Recovers ~

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