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Dawn Nickel is an accomplished and versatile leader with over thirty years of personal and professional experience in the recovery field. She is a professional recovery coach and also works as a research consultant in the areas of mental health, addiction and intimate partner violence. Viewed as a thought leader and visionary in the women’s recovery movement, Dawn has been on her own recovery journey since 1987. In Dawn’s view, we are all recovering from something. She is a strong advocate for the view that each woman in or seeking recovery must be supported to find the tools and pathways that will work best for her as an individual. In the summer of 2011, while recovering from a serious case of workaholism, Dawn decided to apply what she knew about recovery to that area of her life. She began to blog and created the Facebook page SHE RECOVERS to share her journey and to reach out to other women wanting to recover their lives and their potential. Since then, Dawn has dedicated herself to creating and holding space (online and off) for women to connect with themselves, and with other like-hearted women. Dawn is currently writing a book for women in recovery.

Taryn Strong is the co-founder of SHE RECOVERS (with her mama, Dawn Nickel.)  She is in recovery from substance use disorder, trauma, disordered eating, self-harm, codependency,  shame, low self- worth, low self- esteem and being afraid to use her own voice. Today, Taryn knows, for a fact, that she has been through everything she has been through – every heartbreak, addiction, trauma, insecurity – to bring her to exactly where she is in this moment. Taryn is a Trauma Informed Yoga instructor, SHE RECOVERS Coach and Platinum dōTERRA Wellness Advocate. Since she began teaching yoga in 2007, Taryn has led over 30 yoga for recovery retreats, presented at several Yoga conferences, and has co-taught alongside Elena Brower. You can find her online SHE RECOVERS Yoga classes HERE. More recently, Taryn launched the inaugural SHE RECOVERS Yoga Teacher Training  Program (October 2019) and will be hosting the SHE RECOVERS Podcast launching late spring 2019.

Sharonlee Latham is originally from British Columbia but moved to Playa del Carmen, Mexico in 2008. She is a co-creator of the She Recovers Retreats (Mexico). A woman in long-term recovery, Sharonlee has been on an intensive spiritual and healing journey that has included certifications in Reiki, Marma Points Reflexology, Ayurvedic Massage and in 2009, Dharma Lessons with the Dalia Lama at his temple in Dharamsala. Most recently, Sharonlee completed the Pathway to Happiness Program, an intensive spiritual retreat based on the Four Agreements held in Teotihuacan, Mexico. Sharonlee has been a key collaborator as well as the “Goddess on the Ground” for all of the She Recovers retreats in Mexico. In Mexico, Sharonlee operates Paradise Wellness, a business that offers alternative wellness treatments and healthy adventures in the beautiful Riviera Maya.

Payton Kennedy is a strong woman in recovery and an events professional with 20 years’ experience in event planning, production and management in music, fashion, media, arts & culture, fundraising and culinary. Her expertise includes financial oversight and the development and implementation of infrastructure and processes for both events and start-up businesses. Payton’s calm and steady troubleshooting skills, and attention to detail make her a valuable She Recovers team member. Her scope of work includes managing the international She Recovers Retreat program as well as the She Recovers Yoga and Connection (One-Day) Workshop series held in cities across North America. Payton is co-producer of the She Recovers Signature Events (NYC in May 2017 and upcoming LA in September 2018). She creates, implements and manages the event registration system and front-of-house communications. She provides creative development and process for the building of each event program (keynote speakers, presentations and performances). Payton is an artist at heart – a former musician and dancer; writer, yogi (studying to become a yoga teacher), and an ‘autism mama’ to her wonderful son Greyson.

Dara Meyer is a woman in long term recovery and a former production events director for the National Football League, MTV and Billboard. Dara has produced events ranging from small intimate tapings to large-scale nationally televised concerts. Over the past 20 years, Dara has separated herself as a market leader in the production events industry. After leaving Billboard in 2015 to start her own production firm, Upfront Productions, Dara was asked to work on the first UNITE to Face Addiction Event – a concert for 25,000 people on the National Mall in Washington D.C. Producing this event, the first of its kind focused on dispelling the stigma associated with addiction, was especially meaningful to Dara. Since that time Dara has committed herself to working on other small and large-scale projects that combine her skills and her passion for recovery. In May 2017, Dara’s work as an event producer were instrumental to the success of She Recovers in NYC. She is also producing She Recovers in LA in September 2018. When not acting as a champion for those in recovery Dara enjoys spending time with her two daughters and husband.those in recovery Dara enjoys spending time with her two daughters and husband.

Erin Wickersham is the managing editor and lead writer for the She Recovers blog. She lives in Virginia where she has been working on and blogging about recovery since 2013. After years of trying to do recovery alone, she discovered the beauty of connection and friendship through She Recovers in 2017.

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