The First Thing You Need: Desire

The First Thing You Need: Desire

It’s Day Six of 2018. Is your resolve shaky? Are you rethinking your decision to change? To stay sober, stay sane, stay steady on your new course? Are you starting to give into the voice that says: “Maybe it wasn’t that bad. Maybe I can stay the same.” I get it. I...

Guest Blog Post by Noelle Van V: Feel The Force – It’s Been With You All Along

I felt the crack split slowly beneath my feet as it gave way and I plunged into the deep freezing water. Grab my camera! I shouted as the weight of my wool coat got heavy and my body began to sink into the lake. I looked up at my friend Rae standing just a few feet...
Guest Blog Post by Kelly Beck: Join Us for Yoga and Connection in Seattle!

Guest Blog Post by Kelly Beck: Join Us for Yoga and Connection in Seattle!

Note from Dawn and Taryn: We met Kelly in August, 2014 when she attended her first retreat with us. She has since become a close friend and a leader in our community. We are so excited to introduce her here and in the not too distant future will welcome her as a...

Guest Blog Post by Sarah Roberts: The Trap People Fall Into When They Get Sober

We don’t break habits; we replace behaviours. This truth is at the heart of everything I have done since getting sober. From the moment my drinking life finally came crashing down around me, I have gone about the business of creating an entirely different...

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