The Second Thing You Need: Attitude

When we decide to make hard changes in our lives, we find ourselves facing down our own personal demons. These demons – or Big Bads – come in all different shapes and sizes. My demon was alcohol. (Or at least that is how it first presented itself.) Your demon may be...

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The First Thing You Need: Desire

Change really is hard at first. That is why we resist it. This is the first in a three-part series that looks at what we need once we decide to do the work change requires.

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Self-Care and the Holidays

This busy pace of life we keep is not sustainable. It can feel as though we all have our collective breath held, waiting for the other shoe to drop. And for many of us, the holidays can feel like that long-awaited shoe.

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It Takes What It Takes

The truth pattern of recovery goes like this: First we have a Moment of Clarity. Then we have our Rock Bottom Years. Then we enter the Acceptance Phase. And finally Gratitude finds us.

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Letting Good Things Happen

You do not have to spend too much time in recovery before the Good Things come. But sometimes it is hard to accept Good Things. Fear can keep us in old habits.

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Sobriety is a Gateway Drug

Please help us welcome Erin W. who will be writing for and managing our She Recovers blog. She is amazing. Read on and see for yourself. ~Dawn~   The Reasons It started with Baby #1. I like a routine; a schedule. And I read that babies do, too. So every night at...

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