Three Doors. It’s Your Choice.

Show me a woman in her late 30s/40s, whose life partnership is at least a decade old and whose kid(s) is out of diapers, and I’ll show you a woman who is about to say, “Wait. What?” to her life.

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Our True Power: The Tool That Saves Us and Our Families

All things being equal, I would choose weapons of war over tools of recovery. Every time. But my weapons of war (my will, my way, my vision) created unintended carnage. Eventually, after years of lobbing bombs to make things “right,” I could no longer ignore the barren landscape I was living in.

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The Third Thing You Need: Other People

We need understanding. We need grace. These things are harder to find than they should be in our culture that insists on easy answers to black and white questions. Meanwhile, we are all living – and dying – in complex shades of gray.

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The Second Thing You Need: Attitude

When we decide to make hard changes in our lives, we find ourselves facing down our own personal demons. These demons – or Big Bads – come in all different shapes and sizes. My demon was alcohol. (Or at least that is how it first presented itself.) Your demon may be...

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The First Thing You Need: Desire

Change really is hard at first. That is why we resist it. This is the first in a three-part series that looks at what we need once we decide to do the work change requires.

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Self-Care and the Holidays

This busy pace of life we keep is not sustainable. It can feel as though we all have our collective breath held, waiting for the other shoe to drop. And for many of us, the holidays can feel like that long-awaited shoe.

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