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She Recovers is currently the largest online platform available to women seeking recovery, new to recovery, or in long term recovery and looking to more fully realize their potential. Building a strong recovery coach community is one of the major components of the She Recovers growth strategy.
One of the Guiding Principles of She Recovers is that women need to be supported to find and follow individualized pathways and patchworks of recovery. We think that coaching offers the solid support that women need to figure out which “recovery” pathways and patchworks will work for them. Professional Recovery Coaches help people focus on their strengths, reconnect to their own inner capacity, resilience and sense of well being.
We are all recovering from something, and coaching can benefit anyone looking to step into a healthier, more authentic version of themselves.
She Recovers has partnered with Dr. Jean Lacour and IAPRC Recovery Coach Training Program to offer the She Recovers Coach Designation Program (SRCD). The SRCD is a self-paced online training program designed specifically for women who want to coach other women in or seeking recovery. You can earn the SRCD by completing a 10 Hour She Recovers Coach Designation Module after earning one of the two IAPRC coach credentials.
The SRCD is a 10 hour module – quite straight forward really. In the pilot phase – it consists of 10 PDFs – one related to each of our She Recovers Intentions & Guiding Principles. For each principle we ask you (our trainees) to:
  • Gain an understanding of why we created/promote the principle (background, history)
  • Personalize the principle – tell us why/how you understand the principle, what meaning it has for you
  • Suggest ways that you would turn the principle into action in your coaching practice
Once you have completed one of the two IAPRC programs and the SRCD Module – you are a She Recovers Coach Designate. We are still developing and refining the Coaching Collective structure but at the moment – what that means is that:
1. You will be supported during and after your training in our SHE RECOVERS Coach Training Support Group (on FB)
2.  We will list you on our Hire a Recovery Coach Page
3.  We will promote you and your offerings (Facebook pages and groups, eCourses, workshops etc) via our platform
4.  You can apply to earn additional certifications to lead various SHE RECOVERS offerings (online or in person)
5.  If you are an author, you can submit a proposal to publish with She Recovers Publishing (when it launches).
At the moment – the SRCD program is not available as a stand-alone training. You must take it in conjunction with one of the IAPRC programs.
The SRCD training (which is female-specific training) is available to international students. We want to connect with and support women all across the globe. As we repeatedly say around here, we’re stronger together.
For more information please visit the She Recovers Coach Designation program page HERE. If you have questions, email Dawn at We would love to have you as a charter member of our She Recovers Coach Collaborative.

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