Transformation Mala Necklace


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Recovery is about transformation on so many different levels!

The majority of the beads (90) in this necklace are made from picaso jasper. Picasso jasper is believed to support stability during times of change or transformation and, in particular, can assist when undergoing change in relationships. The necklace also includes 18 aromatic sandalwood beads, which are believed to clear negativity, and promote tranquility as well as spiritual awareness.The guru (main) bead is also created from picasso jasper.

The Transformation Mala necklace is 21 inches long.

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Dawn, you can have whatever title you like.

Mala is the original Sanskrit word for the prayer beads used for counting mantras. Authentic malas are made up of either 21, 28 or 108 beads with mala necklaces often having an additional 109th “guru” pendant bead that symbolizes gratitude and our connection to the divine. Our She Recovers necklaces always have 109 beads. To use as a meditation tool, hold each bead in your hand, starting at the center piece, and repeat your mantra once for each bead until you are back at the beginning.

Please be aware that the color of gemstone, wood or rudraksha beads used in our She Recovers Malas will vary slightly depending upon availability from our suppliers. In addition, different monitor settings mean that colors of gemstone, wood or rudraksha beads may also vary somewhat from what is pictured for the item.

Important: There are no exchanges or refunds available on malas. Please be gentle with these sacred recovery malas. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Taryn at

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Dimensions 140 in