Letting Good Things Happen

You do not have to spend too much time in recovery before the Good Things come. But sometimes it is hard to accept Good Things. Fear can keep us in old habits.

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Sobriety is a Gateway Drug

Please help us welcome Erin W. who will be writing for and managing our She Recovers blog. She is amazing. Read on and see for yourself. ~Dawn~   The Reasons It started with Baby #1. I like a routine; a schedule. And I read that babies do, too. So every night at 6:30...

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Introducing Lucy Rocca: Founder of Soberistas

Guest Blog Post by Lucy Rocca Exactly six years ago, I drank my last alcoholic drink. It was a bottle of strong cider (I didn’t even like cider but had found it lurking in my fridge), and I consumed it on top of the three bottles of wine that I’d been working my way...

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The Real Reason You Need it to Be Perfect

Guest Blog Post by Caroline McGraw   Oh honey, I know what you’re like. You are a driven, high-achieving woman trying so very hard to be perfect. You have a staggering helping of responsibilities on your plate. You’re the conscientious planner, the purposeful worker,...

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What Is Prolonged Exposure (PE) Therapy?

GUEST BLOG POST BY CHELSEY SILVERIA, LCSW (CLEARVIEW TREATMENT PROGRAMS) Has a therapist ever suggested PE therapy for you? Have you ever felt unsure about what that means and the potential impact or usefulness of this therapy? PE stands for Prolonged Exposure....

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5 Tech Tools That Can Support You in Your Recovery

GUEST POST BY CAROLINE BLACK   Most of us recovering from addiction are open to the idea of accessing extra help. Regardless of whether we need constant or occasional help, having access to innovative resources and tools can only be a good thing. If you need help with...

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